All this talk of garage springs and such... Doesn't anyone grill/bbq/smoke/cook anymore?



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Yeah, summer grilling season is over so now it's just the crazies (most of us here meet that definition) to carry forward in colder temps.

So, what are you cooking? Any new or interesting ideas or recipes?

Post your pics or ideas. I need some inspiration, please!
I grilled year round in St. Louis, Brunswick, Me., and every place the Navy sent me for 25 years. Now I'm retired in Florida and every day is grill day unless a Hurricane puts the kibosh on it for a few days. Tomorrow I'm doing Beef sticks and Friday it's a Spatchcock Chicken. Roll smoke. .
I cooked 6 salmon burgers on Monday night.

next week I'll get back to cooking. Water heater sprung a leak Friday, flooding my disaster of a garage. No hot water till Monday slowed things down.

Garage door spring broke Sat night.
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Well.... Monday morning, I got up & made scratch buttermilk biscuits with sausage gravy & eggs. Just too many things going on, it seems like.
I sprung for salmon for the fam over the weekend and I may spring for pork ribs this weekend.

To me it feels like we're somewhat like family, here, so I'm happy to see posts not related to cooking here in the Just Conversation section :)
I've been hitting below avg on my smoking and grilling efforts lately.... I'm due for a rebound. Will try to post some pics soon. My last really good cook was a pork butt, then I completely torched a 13 lb brisket a couple of weeks ago. I rebounded a little bit last weekend with a rack of baby back ribs that turned out OK (4 outta 5).... At least I got my 225 to 275F temperature control game back in order now. I might look for some beef plate ribs tomorrow or Friday and fall back to smoking a chuck roast this weekend, or a tri tip since I haven't done that in a long time.
DH grilled some chicken thighs tonight. Will post it in the poultry section tomorrow. Darn, forgot to ask for pictures again.
That's pretty cheesy, stirring the pot over a charger! Sounds like you were hot and on a roll for a while there. I hope you hashed out your differences and put an end to this beef. Your son probably knows on which side his bread is buttered and won't be so willing to mix it up with you in the future. Hopefully, you won't stew over this.
Making a fairly traditional Chili con carne on Sunday.
Chili's, onion, garlic, oregano, stock, beef and yes beans......I know beans are hit and miss.....from what I gather it's where you are located.
I like beans in mine.......
I will probably post the cook as it is my first go at 2 new dutch ovens, this one will be a small cook.
I'm guessing about 4 servings and about 3 hours total on the cook.
Been dying to get a dutch oven and cook in layers and deglaze and all that fun stuff........