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Jim Lampe

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I miss Kevin here... Amazingly, AND unfortunately, he hasn't posted in over a year.
Chris, have you been in contacted with him?

Jim Lampe

TVWBB 1-Star Olympian
Thank you both. I am doing quite well. Yes, it has been a long time. No reason, really, just life.
Great to hear from you Kevin!
Just mixed together another batch of your Rub For Jane... a 9lb butt going on about 11pm - midnight tonight...

r benash

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I often still reference Kevin's recipes as base lines for my rubs. Try his coffee/chocolate rub on your next brisket! I've done very little mods. I get comments all the time and requests for "that brisket the way you made it last time"

Thanks Kevin

Larry D.

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Try this. I did a search using a filter to see only the threads started by K Kruger. Now I can't find the search function that let me do it that way...

K Kruger

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Again, been a long time. I got a notification of a post to this thread so did a little digging into how this new(er) site functions. If you click on Search on the upper right of the page (this page for example) then click on Advanced Search it will open a page with the options you need. Just above the Keyword entry box click on Search Threads; next, stick my name in the Posted By box (K Kruger) then scroll down to the Search in Forums. From what I can tell it is best to click on what is or might be the title of the forum subdivision you seek, e.g., Rubs..., Appetizers, Beef, etc., and then click Search at the bottom of the page. It is possible to highlight more than one subdivision at a time (by clicking while holding down the Ctrl or Command key) but I'm not sure if that is of added benefit in that I'm not sure it actually works as one would expect. I have not spent the time yet to check that out. As I wrote somewhere here some time ago, the majority of recipes I posted back in the day were written specifically for this board. I never wrote them anywhere else.

Chris Allingham

Staff member
Thanks Larry!

In early May, I was contacted by member Mark B asking that I fix the link. I was unable to figure out how to get a search result showing all threads where K Kruger was the thread starter. Finding all of K Kruger's posts is easy, but is a much broader and less useful search result. I even submitted this as a question on the Xenforo support site and got no answer!

The key is "?starter_id=2025". Thanks for figuring that out, Larry!

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Teddy J.

Thanks y’all! Went poking around for this last night and saw the link broken. This should get me by. Thanks again!