Aldi filets


E Sassak

TVWBB Member
Okay I am risking excommunication, but tonight I popped four filets from Aldi on the OTG and I have to say they were quite good,especially considering the price. Ruth's Chris need not worry, but I'd say that they were as good as what I would find at the local Kroger at half to a third the price.
ALDI has some really good products. I should stop being surprised by new finds. I'll check out the filets.
I'm right there with you. Sometimes, I've had some very pleasant surprises when grilling steaks from Aldi's. Other times, they turned out pretty much as I expected.

I generally use their steaks when it's going to be co-starring with other ingredients, such as in a steak salad with pickled red onions and blue cheese dressing.

Getting hungry just thinkging about it now.

My wife works at Aldi and she comes home with some BIG surprises. I tried a per-marinated burgundy flank steaks and first of all I never buy anything per-marinated. BUT i gotta say these flanks were really good meat was nice and tender 6 min a side over direct and I was impressed.
I won't buy pork from them, it's all "enhanced" but thier little bacon wrapped filets are very reasonable, and tasty. We pick a few up now and then