Alabama > Huntsville: Shane's Rib Shack


Dwain Pannell

TVWBB Hall of Fame
The wife and I were out for lunch Fri and we noticed this new place. We walked in and were "attacked" by two ladies standing at the front of the house who proceded to accompany us to the ordering counter near the back of the house gabbing the whole way (Blah, Blah, Blah). They were nice but kinda pushy probably because we were the only ones in there -- as in the whole time we were there no one else came in to eat. I ordered the pork plate with cole slaw and potatoe salad. The sides were actually pretty good. The pulled pork had a honey taste to it without sauce. I wasn't expecting it and thought it was an odd taste. I added sauce (a lot of thick red sauce) and it was not bad. Lawler's is across the street so if given the choice I'd probably go there instead.

R Cain

We have a Shane's Rib Shack within a mile of our house. Some of the worst BBQ I have tasted. I went there once when they first opened and was very dissapointed. I make better BBQ than they do.