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Dwain Pannell

TVWBB Hall of Fame

This is not what I would consider a traditional "BBQ joint" but they do serve good Q. There's a pit out back where the ribs, pork steaks, and butts for the pulled pork sandwiches are slow cooked but their menu also has other home cooking kinda stuff.

When I saw pork steak on the menu I thought of Jim and Bob so thought I'd get that. (sad I know) My meal came with three sides and what they call "pass arounds" (fried potatoes and onions, fried okra, fried cabbage, and tomatoes and macaroni). I chose cole slaw, turnip greens and green beans to accompany my pork steak whic was served in a 12" skillet. It was very tender, had a nice smoke ring, and a home made BBQ sauce that was a thick tomatoe based sauce (a bit too much sauce in my mind).

The place was packed but they get people sat down quickly and the service is excellent. Of course, they're known for their throwed roll - a guy literaly stands in the middle of the room and throws hot yeast rolls to anyone with a hand up. The kids loved it and the adults did too. Especially me when the check came - it was a great meal for a decent price. No credit cards - cash or checks only.

Kind of a tourist gimick but what the heck the food was good and it was fun. I'd go back if for nothing else but to try the ribs and pulled pork.
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