Alabama > Decatur: Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q

Been there a bunch. When its good, its very good, but like any other place, it can have its off days. Day in and day out its one of the better places around BUT in the same town, there are two other lesser known places that are dang good: Whitt's and Nash's. Whitt's has my favorite BBQ sandwich of all time and Nash's has some of the best ribs and white sauce marinated chicken I've ever eaten. If you're heading south on I-65, get off at Blount Springs and go to Top Hat on old US 31. It's just dang good BBQ, but you'll have to decide between BBQ and fried catfish - or not - they have a combo!

Big Bob's is the only place in the Huntsville/Decatur area that I've found for ribs. I absolutely love their Mustard Sauce.

Like Pat said they do have their off days but still I've not found anything better locally. I have never heard of Nash's but I have seen Whitt's. Never tried either one.
Ate there twice in one day. Loved the ribs. Pulled pork wasn't my favorite.
I had the opposite experience. I got the ribs and they were dry. My wife got a huge baked potato with pulled pork on top and it was fabulous. In fact, when I make pulled pork at the house we usually serve it on baked potatoes now.
Today, Mama and I decided to take a pilgrimage to Decatur to Big Bob Gipson’s original location on 6th St (about an hour away).

The chicken was ‘fan freakin tastic’. The brisket was ‘on point’. The pulled pork was ‘meh - I’ve had better’.

Seeing all those Memphis in May trophies was awesome.

All in all: good road trip.
If you’re stopping in Decatur with the intent of eating at Big Bob’s, try to make it to the Danville Rd location. That location is run by Chris Lilly who needs no introduction. I find the meats, especially brisket and ribs at Danville Rd to be more consistent than 6th Ave.

Like others have said, EVERY restaurant has good days and bad days. But Whitt’s, IMO, has the better pork sammich.
we are going to be driving from new orleans to nashville, big bob's is pretty much right on our route. I have their cookbook, my family and I love their recipe for chicken in white sauce and it's been on my bucket list forever. But online reviews seem to be very mixed...really not too interested in brisket but hoping to have some great chicken and pork. dunno, maybe scott's in birmingham is the better stop for bbq...