Aged Brisket


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Man those finished slices look phenomenal, and the judges faces while sampling tell it all.
I tried a 45 day wet age prime brisket from costco once. Not really on purpose, planned to do it on New Years but M'lady wanted a strip loin roast so I let it sit.
I've read folks leave them in cryo in the bottom of the fridge for weeks and weeks so I thought it would be fine.
When I did finally get ready to smoke it the smell from opening the cryo took over the whole house, it must of had a pinhole or bad seal cause it definitely smelled rotten, and I tossed it in the trash.
Now that guy and his bag is the same guy who got me interested in sous vide and his videos are entertaining.:)



A grocery store near me dry ages some briskets.
On display hanging in a glass case
The price is eye-popping. 200 +.