Achieving good smoke Vs Bad Smoke?

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Jason Keeton

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Hey Harry!! Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions for us all. I've been reading about this topic and was wondering how to achieve good smoke "thin and blue". I use the minion method. I fill my bowl with unlit place the lit on top and put two to three chunks of wood on top causing white billowing smoke. I thought this was normal but i'm findind out it isn't. Some people say it's because of smoldering but i have all my vents open so any insight on this problem?

Also how do you manage food on both grates with out losing so much heat especially if you spritz every 15 mins? thanks again


Harry Soo

Read my previous post of how I stack the wood and how much wood when I start my WSM using the Minion method.
A thin plume of smoke is all that's needed. Don't put your chunks on the middle. Put them all on the side to ring the charcoal basket ring. Remember less smoke is better. Top vent is always open.

Spraying does not cause you to loose heat as a WSM is very heat efficient. Temps rebound within a couple of minutes after you put the lid back on. The Stoker helps immensely and I don't leave for a comp without it. It's a key part of our success.