A tale of 2 corned beefs


Joe Anshien

TVWBB Wizard
I found a couple of corned beefs in the supermarket and since they were quite a bit less expensive than briskets I decided to get them and do a test. Even though these have been cured, I seasoned one up with my go to cocoa / coffee rub from "cooking with Ry" and the other left plain as I usually do. The one with the rub was much tastier. No real smoke ring or bark which I attribute to them being already cured.
Here are the pics.
Both packages
20210912_195526.jpg 20210912_195534.jpg

When they were put on

Just before wrapping


Joe Anshien

TVWBB Wizard
Boiled. Almost all the flavor went up in smoke
Tony, I have done corned beef in the instant pot and it has come out great. The trick is to use the steamer tray and only put enough water to come to the tray so the beef does not boil (ask me how I know). Put the seasoning packet in the water and some on top of the meat. I think we cooked it for about 90 minutes then added cabbage, carrots, potatoes for about 6 minutes. It was even better when I smoked it for 4 hours then cooked same way but reduced time to 30 minutes in the IP.

Rich Dahl

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Barb and I have made pastrami on the Camp Chef and it was great using the flats. The key in my mind is the soaking, we did four two hour soaks and then an overnight soak and it was perfect.
Used this from Chris's article on quick pastrami.


Joe Anshien

TVWBB Wizard
That is a great article if you prefer pastrami. I have always liked the taste of corned beef better. I have never been a big black pepper fan. However, adding 4 hours of smoke to an already seasoned corned beef is excellent.