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What size pieces of wood do you people add to your WSM's when smoking meat? I have everything from chips to chunks to logs, but I figured people use small chunks.

Do you keep adding chunks throughout the cooking or do you only add for the first couple hours?

Do you smoke the meat for a while first with just the charcoal, then add the wood, or do you add the wood as soon as you put the meat on?

Do many people use Lump Coal in their WSM's?

Kevin Taylor

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Evening Rocky!!

I use fist-sized chunks or a handful(4-6) of 1" thick branches..soaking is not needed. I put mine on the coals when the meat goes on. I bury 3 of them(when using chunks) and that will usually last a good 1-2 hours. That is all I need for my tastes.

However, if I am cooking more than one meat and they go in the pit at different times, then I add fresh wood whenever I put the second batch of meat on.

I would love to try lump...many around here do use it with great results. Keep in mind it burns hotter and quicker than briqs.

Good luck to ya buddy!!


a galarneau

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I use the soaked chips in foil and Kingsford. I'd like to use chunks but I haven't sought them out. I add after putting meat on. If I have chips left over I throw a handful in after 2+ hours if I want another dose of smoke.

I prefer hardwood lump for grilling, for its superior heat. But I Q with briquettes because they last long enough that I don't have to mess with adding more charcoal to a cook.

Lazy man's Q I guess, but it works for me.

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