A "dumpster" Q1200


Kev K

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Back at the beginning of the month, I posted a thread over in Portable Grills that I was trying to choose a new gas grill to use for travelling. I ended up buying a Q1200 (blue) and am really happy with it.

Today, I'm up at the lake, pretending to fish while listening to a football game. When I go to leave, in front of the dumpster area is a Weber Q with a cover on it, sitting on a folding cart. Stuff in front of the dumpsters is generally "free if you want it" at the lake. I stopped in the marina office to ask if they knew what was up with it, anyway. One of the other slip owners had brought it up and when they learned we aren't permitted to have propane grills on the dock, they decided to chuck it. o_O

I popped the cover off to find a purplish-pink (I don't know what the color is) Q1200 that looks nearly unused. The grates are perfect. It still had a propane bottle attached, and fired up instantly! So, I now have a 2nd Q1200 which will likely get a paint job (doesn't need it, just not a color I like) and the regulator switch-out. Too bad this didn't happen at the beginning of the month!




Ed P

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I think you ought to call that one "Barney" or "Pepto". No matter, it's yours now! Super nice find! Let's go burn some protein!

Ed P

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That would have to be that weird green, not pink, are you colorblind?
You know you are getting old when you can't remember the last time you and your friends compared boogers.

Boy, that sure was in poor taste (and not the other way around). It's all free, folks, I make 'em up as I go along.
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