A big "THANK YOU!" to Famous Dave


Chris Allingham

Staff member
Hey, I want to thank Famous Dave for spending the week with us here on TVWBB! You're a very busy man and you're probably going in 10 directions at once, so I really appreciate you making the time to answer our questions and sharing your experience with our members.

Blessings right back atcha!

P.S. I will draw the winning name for the autographed copy of Famous Dave's book soon and post the result here.
Yes, Thanks 'Famous' Dave (& Chris!), I didn't think you could put this kind of face on a corporation.
Thanks Dave. Knowing that you are a busy man the fact that you were able to reply to us is very kind.

Thanks again and God bless you also.
Thank you Dave for taking the time to talk with us and answer our questions.
Your a great guy!
I add my thanks to the others. Dave is as real as it gets and I am thrilled that I had the opportunity to meet him last year!
Many thanks Dave, and to you too Chris.
We should all be grateful for the time spent by you, along with everyone else on this forum for helping and sharing!!
Thanks Dave for hanging out with us. Was a pleasure getting to exchange ideas with you. Also, thanks to Chris to making this all happen.
Chris I thought I would leave your barbecue & grilling fans with a Father's Day memory since it is this weekend...
A Father's Day Memory by Famous Dave
My dad is a Choctaw Indian from Idabel, Oklahoma where he grew up right smack in the middle of America's "Bible Belt." My dad being from the South, loved his Southern Home Cooking and "real slo-smoked" pit barbecue. To show you how deep this passion for Southern Foods were in our family… when my dad told us the Bible story how Jesus fed the multitudes… it was always "Catfish & Cornbread." You can imagine my embarrassment and the howling laughter from my Sunday School classmates when I tried to correct the Sunday School teacher when she was telling the story how Jesus fed the multitudes fishes & loaves and I tried to correct her that it was Catfish & Cornbread! Happy Father's Day Everyone... And may you always be surrounded by good friends and great tasting barbecue! "Famous Dave"