A 60 degree day! Let’s have some drumettes!


Richard S

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Felt good to fire 🔥 up the Performer! 4C8B80AB-BC68-450C-88AE-82B09C42F0D0.jpeg Did a base rub and then added some special stuff after I put them on. 747D4BB8-767D-46C1-8153-8438F8E54751.jpeg FAAB89CF-4C79-4BD3-AC87-6EE53956A351.jpeg Used some Peach 🍑 and let them go for about 45 minutes at 350ish 51421FA9-D690-429C-9FB6-C8FE1CE81784.jpeg Threw on some asparagus 4FF4CA68-E18D-46EA-B120-C375A07040E1.jpeg Lost only one 😬 😢 E90688CD-3D1C-4E0A-848B-1605940A7D5F.jpeg Used a leftover pack of sauce from TJ’s orange chicken for a glaze! A3522C2D-8D25-43CE-8C1F-1367C10B8CE8.jpeg Kids like the glaze…I prefer mine dry… 66C78C84-725A-4A8B-BA9C-E15B58D6C537.jpeg


I like the way you think. I would have posted earlier but I was busy smoking pork ribs because it was a 60 degree day.

Timothy F. Lewis

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Lucky sod! Right now it is 23* with blowing snow here! Maybe next week it will get to 50!
Why is it that there is almost always ONE that has to sacrifice itself like that? I’m ready to get some wings going too, just not today.

Bob Bailey

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Nice looking groceries Richard.

Suppose to get up to about 60 here too. We're having family over for a delayed St Paddy's Day corned beef & cabbage supper so no protein on the grill here.

Can't ignore this nice of a day after a cold & wet Winter, so will be lightly smoking 2 kinds of ABTs for appetizers. Stuffing Jalapeños with a cream cheese and Colby/Jack mix. Halved ones will also have some Jimmy Dean Sage sausage added. All will be bacon wrapped and sprinkled with Memphis Dust and served with homemade Habanero/Peach dipping sauce.
ABTs.jpg Will post a pic of the final product if time allows.

Tim Campbell

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It's funny. For some reason, I always get hungry when I check these threads. Huh. Head scratcher.

Great cooks everyone. Bunch of enablers 😃

Rich Dahl

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Looks great Kemper, as always. Still too cold for me, temps aren't too bad 45-55 but the wind is just nuts, 30-35 with gusts to 50+ and more rain on the way. But the itch is getting stronger and stronger gotta have some Q soon as it's been way to long a winter.