6 butts and 1 brisket on the Lang 84


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Sunday had some friends over and wanted to fire up the Lang 84. I only need to smoke one butt for myself, so I called up some friends and got a few more thrown on there. In all i had 6 butts and 1 brisket. started with cherry wood and oak for the first several hours, then straight oak.
Sorry no pulled or sliced pix. We where hungry! Very tasty got fantastic bark and color, great ring too!


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I'm a fan of the meteorite bark! I mix in a little bit of brown sugar with Bad Byron's Butt Rub.

Barb D

TVWBB Hall of Fame
Boy Six those all look fantastic and I'm sure they were mighty tasty. You had some great bark on them.

Dustin Dorsey

TVWBB Honor Circle
Everything looks great! I'd love to have the excuse to cook that much meat! I've got some oak that's really well seasoned. I think it may be time to fire up my offset again!