50+ Homemade Hot Sauce Recipes

Paul H

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Len, which recipe did you choose? I almost bought some Rooster Brand the other day but I was thinking about your post of being disappointed. MAking my own hot sauce could be an experiment in terror for me

Len Dennis

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Sad to say, I've got three bottles (including Frank's) that I need to "get rid of" before I try a batch.

Besides, these will give me three empties when the new recipe is done.

Sorry can't help you further at this point. I'm going through these 3 as fast as I can

I can say that I'm leaning towards those that use carrots and lime juice--maybe Jamaican-inspired? They do know "hot" when they taste it.

Len Dennis

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Thanks for pointing that one out.

It looks like an excellent way of livening up other sauces that don't quite measure up, especially if you like their flavour but not their lack of heat (ie the current version of rooster sriracha).

I'd definitely give it a try.