5 degree chuck roast


Tony Weisse

TVWBB Super Fan
It's 5 degrees and headed for zero and I've got three chuck roasts (total of 11 lbs.) on the smoker. The only one up keeping me company is the Man in the Moon. I'm loving' it!

Getting ready to provide the "barbecued beef" for the office Christmas potluck on Monday. Everyone is expecting browned hamburger with Manwich. Wait 'til they get a bunful of pulled, smoked chuck from the WSM! I have served this to a local service organization a couple of times and they always clean their plates. I hope the folks at the office react the same way.
Winter is a special time for cooking on the wsm. As long as it's not too windy, I really enjoy it.

I sure wish I could be at the party. I've done chuck roasts, but I've never made sandwiches. Please share what you do to serve. I'm guessing you basically "pull" the meat, but what kind of sauce do you use, what type of bun, do you put any thing else on the meat (like I put cole slaw on pull pork sandwiches). . .
I did a 20 pound roll yesterday for a friends Christmas party. Pulled it and vac packed for easy reheat. Making some my sauce and they requested a mustard sauce also.