3200 Table top suggestions

Mark B in STL

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3200 Table top mod solution

I recently picked up a Q3200 for $80. I am looking at different ways to make an adaquate stand/frame for it that will connect to it properly. Has anyone accomplished turning their 320/3200 into a tabletop?
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Honestly never would understand why. It's on a nice stable cart, that holds the tank and all quite nicely.


I took my Q300 off the cart once to make it portable for a park location cook. It has the size, but it was very cumbersome. Now, if I do the same type of cook, I use my Q220 which is far more portable. Unless you are looking to make your Q into a built-in cooker, I would just stick with the original cart.

Mark B in STL

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I have a countertop like surface that in constructed out of structural steel pipe on my back porch. That is where my 2200 sits now. I would like to replace it with the 3200 but don’t have room for the stand and don’t want to move it farther away from the house.

The table like surface extends over the rail of the porch. And it would be a permanent install and not a portable requirement I was fulfilling.

Are there free image hosting services I can link to on this site?
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Mark B in STL

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Completed the conversion

I had a table top surface that I had constructed out of structural steel pipe for my 2200. I modified it with some fittings to hold the 3200. The 3200 became part of the structure so is not easy to remove without tools. Making it more difficult to steal.

BFletcher thank you for the information on images.

Original 2200 design of porch attachment

Modified for 3200

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Mark, that is flipping awesome!! Very well thought out, planned out, and executed!
Awesome Awesome job!