30" Kettle - Would You?



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Sometimes companies respond to consumer responses on the web. I was thinking about my 26 (and 3/4") and how I almost went for a 37" Ranch. I really wish they offered something in between. Maybe a 30" (ish) kettle. I'm sure that would suit my desires better. I also think that a 700-800 grill is the sweet spot for the backyard party grill/smoker.

Anyone else think they'd be a buyer for one? I'm sure they'd be quite a bit more money than the current 26 ($350), but clearly substantially less than a Ranch ($1529).


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Being a smaller family, I would be in the "no" camp. My S6 (24") plus expansion rack is far more than I could ever use.

Bob H.

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There is a guy a few blocks from me with a 37" kettle that has been sitting out uncovered and unused for about 10 years now.
A pair of 22's works quite well.

Michael Richards

I am really with DanHoo and Bob H. here. I got a 22 in kettle and keep filling it up and really though I need a 26. A few here said add a second 22 in kettle and you will be in better shape. I keep looking for a prefect priced used 26 in kettle when I was gifted my late-father-in-laws 22 kettle to restore. Now I have the two 22 kettles putting my square inches at 726 right in that 700 to 800 square in mark. I have used both kettle twice now and I love having the two. The first time I used them I did tons of wings with two vortex and the second was chicken pieces in the one with the vortex and one with the SNS for a reverse sear steak. Space and versatility!


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I didn't think there'd be a lot of takers here, since most members have well established fleets of kettles. ;)

I was just thinking a bigger kettle would be a good high efficiency replacement for my offset that went down the road this year. Like many of you, it's not a need, but more of an itch. I think they'd sell more of them than the Ranch, especially with the large family/party types.

Darryl - swazies

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No. A pair of 22s makes more sense I think, or a 22 and a 26. Or a 22 and an E6
This I can agree with Dan.
The performer is the one I cannot live without.....if I was to be left with one grill that would be the one....and I know I will be basted because its not the E6 but I love the performer and it's what I learned to do everything on, grill, smoke, offset ect. It's like my first born child!
But it took a while for me to decide......check the 3 or 4 annoying threads I made asking for help while just expanding my grills to one more.
The performer and the E6.....this is what I ended up with and let me tell you about the available real estate that offers. Also the ability to use one for smoke and one for not at the same time is the icing on the cake. Also the performer allows me to do rotisserie as I picked that accessory up as well. So 2 proteins cooked any 2 ways.....you bet.
30" and just one grill....no way.......
I would also go with just 2 22" grills.....it is almost what I went with just due to the higher priced E6......under pressure I caved a bit and glad I did.


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Giant chuck roll. 30 pound turkeys. Neighbors
coming over for feast.
Otherwise the two 22s have the same or more space. More utility and probably cheaper. Just do not have the extra height for extra large pieces.
Would I need one. Should I. Could I. No. But I would.


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You have the bigger smokefire right? The S6? The reason I ask is how does the space of that compare to a 26 in kettle or to your combo of the glen blue and the slate blue?
The EX6 is a beast and could handle more than I can put in it. I’ve been using the SNS’s these days and they seem to cut off a good portion on the kettles. I’ve done 3 butts on the SF and have no issue, could easily do 6-8.
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