26er with a trial run 23hr smoke


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So pushed the my 26er with my Thermoworks Billows to the max i would say.
#HUNSAKERSMOKERS Rocks!! Thanks for making this
I had an idea and I had Hunsaker Smokers make a custom baffle/coal basket Hunsaker Smokers did a great job. This is not for sale yet but enough interest they will make a batch.

So this is a one piece unit and it directs the air from your blower or vents from the bottom up under the coals and great for low and slow.

I tested out 115 weber briquettes and lit 10 and banked them. Then added the rest. I wanted to see how long this would last. I set the my thermoworks billows to 225. I started yesterday around 450pm and ended the next day at 250pm. I got a 23rd smoke. I didn't lift or touch a thing I just let it fly. I wanted to see if I would have a ash problem but never did.

I know many variables can play out with this but wanted to share. I know many people love their Hunsaker Griddles and this is my 2nd best accessory from them as well. they made a 22 for his kettle and I have the 26. This worked perfectly for my type of cooks.

I always use a drip pan for easy clean up. I will more then likely season this like the griddle and make it non stick