22.5 WSM charcoal grate


Dustin Dorsey

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Any good stainless options for the charcoal grate? Mine is looking pretty rough after 10 years. I've been fixing up my WSM. I put in all stainless nuts and bolts and replaced the main cooking grate. That rusted out charcoal grate is starting to bug me. Weber is really proud of their grate which is non-stainless:

I've found this one that's designed to use for the Large BGE cooking grate that's almost the same size.

The other option is Killa Grilla but it's way more expensive and probably overkill for a charcoal grate.
I have several of the Killa Grilla grates, I have two in my WSM 22. They may be a bit more expensive, but they are bullet proof!

I did buy the Killa Grilla for my main cooking grate. My lower grate never really has gotten much use so it's in really good shape. Over the years I've cooked on it maybe 5 or 6 times. I may just wind up living with the charcoal grate the way it is. It's still functional. It just looks like it was salvaged from a shipwreck. It's mostly my fault for waiting until the next cook to clean out ash something I wouldn't dare do in my offset.
Dang 56 bucks for nickel plated steelo_O. Yea I will use mine till it falls apart and I did the double grate mod.:)
Killa grilla makes a charcoal grate and it's absolutely the best but it's kind of hard to justify in my mind.
The weber grate is 18.25 inches. The Smokeware is 18.375. The bars are 3/16th on the smokeware. The weber has 1/4 inch for the two support bars and the outer ring. The grate bars are 3/16 or smaller. The KG grate is all 1/4 inch and 18.25 inches. The smokeware and killa grilla are 304 stainless and the weber is plated steel.

The picture on the smokeware shows some quality issues with the welds and alignment if you look in the lower left corner. It is the cheapest alternative.
I got the grate in. 20230213_173359.jpg

It fit like a glove. This is the Smokeware one. The two support grids are smaller so we'll see if it warps. It weighs roughly to same as the stock grate and its 304 stainless. It's cheaper than stock.
Thanks for posting this, my original charcoal grate is pretty much shot and just ordered a new one. It was sagging by at least an inch in the middle. Also snagged a new cover while I was "shopping". ;)
If anyone was after killa grilla for the cooking surface I give it a 10 out of 10.
Picked up two, one for the 22.5 and the other for the travel 18.5.....they are outstanding and I like to spend more on quality and never have to buy again for whatever I can buy.