2017 Weber Genesis II/LX Product Brochure


Chris Allingham

Staff member

2017 Weber Genesis II/LX Product Brochure

Picked up a copy of this Genesis II/LX brochure at Orchard Supply Hardware in San Jose, CA. It features the Genesis II and Genesis II LX grill lines plus accessories for these grills. Unique 8" x 8" format with 8" x 16" back cover that folds around to form the front cover.


James N

I'm not that far away from you Chris... Think they where showing them on the bay area sports channels and the history channel and I mean every few commercials where from Weber

Rich Dahl

TVWBB 1-Star Olympian
Same here lots of Weber commercials. Also on the food channel Barb loves watching the Kids BBQ Championship:(. It's funny that all the grills are Weber's with the Weber name removed on the gassers and then they park a black 22.5 MT next to each of the gassers, kind of obvious that it's a Weber.