2016 Weber Product Catalogs: Regular + Premium

Chris Allingham

Staff member
Here are the 2016 Weber Product and Premium Product Catalogs. Premium products are grills with exclusive features and colors available only at premium dealers like Ace Hardware.

The catalogs indicates these changes:

  • Red is listed as a new color for the Weber Q 1200. However, red has been as a limited edition color in the past.
  • Spirit E-330 features everything from the Spirit E-310 plus a 7500 BTU-per-hour Sear Station burner and a 10000 BTU-per-hour flush-mounted side burner.
  • New LED grill light accessories: a handle light for the Spirit/Genesis/Summit, a handle light for the Weber Q, and a flexible neck clamp-on light.
  • Newly designed Smokey Joe carry bag.
2016 Weber Product Catalog
2016 Weber Premium Product Catalog



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Weber needs to put Heather Herriges in their catalog, she's a dang good lookin' gal and a great griller

Thanks for the catalog Chris