2014 Go-Anywhere Gas Grill - Photo


Chris Allingham

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Listed for pre-order on a UK Weber dealer website: https://www.norwichcamping.co.uk/products/weber-go-anywhere-gas-2014/

Lid vent has been changed, new handle with heat shield, and new control valve/igniter/regulator setup is shown.

I wonder if these changes will carry over to GAG sold in USA?

Jeff J

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I just wonder if the thing will actually heat up to a good grill temp. My GA gasser seems to stick around 450 or less on High.

Like the improvements we see in this photo. Thanks for sharing!

George Curtis

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wierd gas setup. almost looks like it has two valves. and where does the canister go ? bet that adds another $10 bucks or more to the price. also says porcelain grate. wonder what thats gonna look like.

Scott Waller

Very interesting. I kinda like the new look. Might have to pick me up one and keep it in my truck for when I want a little BBQ for lunch.

James M-B

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I'm guessing this is to accommodate the gas cartridges available in the UK. I had an early UK Q that had a weird swing out basket to hold a canister upright - looks like they've overcome that clumsy setup with the GA. Curiously though the charcoal GA has been discontinued in the UK apparently because it, errm , gets hot - and that breaks some European rule. Maybe the new handles solve that problem.
Glad I've got a couple of original charcoal GAs.
Charcoal GA s regularly go for way over the previous retail price on ebay here. (it used to retail at GBP 55).
I assume the vents are specific to the gas version.

George Curtis

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just read a blurb on an english weber site that said that both the gas and charcoal ga's will be back for 2014. wonder if that applies to the rest of europe.

Chris E

My gas version go anywhere doesn't get very hot and has some hot spots so you have to move things around. mostly good for dogs/burgers but I wouldn't do much else on it.


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side handles appear to have been deleted as well. seems they don't want you picking it up while it still hot


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have a look at this site: http://www.bbqs2u.co.uk/365-weber-go-anywhere-gas-bbq-1141056.html . In the description the new 2014 UK models states "Use the Weber Disposable Gas Canisters (26100) - See accessories tab." When you go to the accessory tab, here is what the 26100 canister looks like:


Weber UK has converted this to use the lindal valve canisters that are typically used for backpacking stoves. Very interesting.

The other thing I notices is that their model still gets the flavorizing plate and chrome cooking grate vs the US 2014 models that no longer have the flavorizing plate and the grill grate is now porcelain covered steel.

Mark R-S

Here are a couple of pictures of the 2014 gas GA:



There's a single straight burner tube running down the middle directly under the grate. That's why there are no holes down the centre of the grate.


George Curtis

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ok, this is getting odd. the new one I saw did not have the gas valve setup. just had the one they have always had.
maybe the new setup will burn hotter ?


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The new valve set up, deleted side handles, and new top handle with heat guard only appear to be for the European market. US is just getting the new grate and deleted flavorizer bar.
What's the consesus on the new setup without a dedicated flavorizer bar? Our family has a beach house in a community that doesn't allow charcoal. I'm looking for something smaller than a Q that can be used for burgers, steaks, and other simple cooks. Is it worth the craigslist hunt to find an older WGA?
Thanks George. I ended up finding both an unused older style gas go anywhere and an almost new q100 on the cheap!

I also looked at a new style go anywhere and decided it was a significantly worse design than the older GGA with a dedicated flavorizer plate.

I've used both the Q and the GGA numerous times and have come to a couple of conclusions..

The GGA is much more portable than the Q. The GGA would be ok to carry to a campsite or even in a backpack for a picnic lunch. The Q requires two hands to carry and would not really fit in a backpack. It's more of a tailgate style grill than the GGA.

The Q is heavy but out of the box it cooks much better, the heavy cast iron grate and aluminum body do an amazing job with heat retention. I'd say it cooks just as good if not better than a full size genesis, if the size and single burner fits your needs.

I initially had some real frustrations with the GGA. It would get super hot but left no sear marks and if you took the lid off even for 30 seconds it would lose all of the heat. Since it's porcelain coated metal there's no mass to hold heat. The grates are really thin, too thin to hold enough heat to sear - they cool off as soon as the meat touches the grate.

So... I tried putting my lodge cast iron trivet on the grate and it works amazing! It's heavy enough to keep the heat up inside the grill, and holds enough heat to create wonderful sear marks. I used the Q and the GGA with trivet side by side and they now cook very similar.


If you have a GGA I high suggest either finding a really thick SS grate or going with the craycort cast iron grates!
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Another difference that's not so obvious unless you've used both - the GGA is much more difficult to clean. The Q has a sloped bottom and a grease tray. The GGA bottom is flat and there's no tray, so you have to pick up and wipe out gunk from the top or risk a grease fire.


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I still haven't bought a new portable gas grill, I like the go-anywhere gas but the new design has a lot of bad reviews. Now Im trying to decide about the q1200 for camping trips or just modify the GGA with the old flavor tent and grill grid. I can think of maybe one area the GGA may have an advantage and that would be the rare occasion of carrying it any amount of distance beyond just going from car to picnic table

George Curtis

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In investigating other issues with the gga I have found that most people are not happy with the new gga. The older one had the flavorizer shield and it vaporized most of the drippings. The new one just lets the grease accumulate on the bottom. Big mess and many are returning them. Suspect this is a big dud for weber.

Kevin L (NKY)

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George of all the GA's you have rebuilt or used which models do you like the best?
I am looking at a Marlboro model here local.

Thanks all input would be very helpful.