2004 & Older Performer Cover?

Dave Mazz

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Does anyone have any recommendations on grill covers for the older SS Performers? Not interested in the Weber 8701, even if one may be available, due to lack of longevity. They don't seem to last but a year or so. Have a KingKong Cover for my new Performer, that I really like. Too bad it does not fit the older one. Kingkong does not seem to make an 8701-patterned cover.

Kyle in Woodstock

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I've had this for going on 3 years, good cover. This isn't a Weber product, but designed to be similar dimensions as the 8701, just built better.
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Timothy F. Lewis

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I did this...
I use spring clamps to secure the end and long sides.
To be clear, the cover does not cover the 22” as I use that through the winter anyway. The problem is ash flying under the cover and the extended cleaning I need to do every spring.
I made a collapsible framework using things on hand at the time. I have an idea about how to make a better one but, “homey don’t sew!” Working on that.