1981 Weber Product Catalog


Chris Allingham

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1981 Weber Product Catalog

This small format product catalog measures 5.5" x 6.75" and folds open to 22" x 6.75".

With a copyright date of 1980 but printed for the 1981 model year, this catalog announces the new Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker #2880 for 1981!

"New! Smokey Mountain Cooker. Presenting the most versatile, durable smoke cooker made. It's the smoker that just won't quit!"



Bob Correll

R.I.P. 3/31/2022
Thanks for posting these catalogs Chris.
Recently a NOS condiment holder, like the one in this brochure, sold on eBay for $53.
The sale tag on it is for $6.29.


Gene Brownson

TVWBB All-Star
I think that condiment holder may be just a weeee bit too close the kettle for my liking, but I guess you sometimes should go with the hot hand :)