1975 Lark Cigarette "Webster" Kettle Grill Promotional Ad


Chris Allingham

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The Lark Backyard Bonanza: A 1975 Lark Cigarette ad from an unidentified magazine offers a "Webster Kettle Barbecue Grill" for only $53.95 (an $89.95 value) including a free man's apron, a lady's apron, and a chef's hat (!). Just mail in your check or money order along with two Lark carton end flaps. Be patient, delivery takes 4-6 weeks. Ah, the good ol' days...

Everything about this "deluxe, kettle-style grill" says "Weber" except for the chrome metal handle. Is that what makes this a "Webster"? Seriously, I feel like I've seen kettles with metal handles like this before. Were these a one-off made by Weber or a non-Weber knock-off?

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Timothy F. Lewis

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Well, the coupon says “Webster” so, there’s a sign about who produced the grill, al also like the umbrella without stand disclaimer too!
Still it’s a cool find.

Larry D.

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Apparently there was some artistic license in the illustration, since the lid appears to be much larger than the body. So I wonder what the grill actually looked like.

Brenda T

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Maybe it's the same company that made mine. This was sold to me as a "Webster".
I didn't question the guy, though, I just handed him the $25 and ran. 😉


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