1973 Weber Product Catalog


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1973 Weber Product Catalog

Member Jay Robins originally sent me a copy of this 1973 catalog, and member Walt Spillane helped me optimize the file size of the PDF. In June 2013, I came across a copy of this catalog that was in much better condition, and that's the version you can download here.

Notice that Weber gave a different name to each color of grill in each size!

Update: Here's an alternate 1973 product catalog cover that Weber posted on their Facebook page in early 2017:

1973 Weber Alternate Product Catalog Cover

It's unclear if this cover was part of a completely different catalog or just an alternate cover to the catalog linked above. Until proven otherwise, I'm going with the latter.

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Greg Y

What was up with those floral print grill covers? I guess they fit right in with the clothing of the time.