1972 Weber Gas Barbecue Kettles Catalog


Chris Allingham

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1972 Weber Gas Barbecue Kettles Catalog

Groovy gas grills in black, red, and puke green, three different mounts, and two fuel options. Prices starting as low as $99.95. Lots of accessories available ranging in price from $2.45 to $37.95!

What’s interesting to me about this catalog is the simplicity of the cover photo. Unlike other catalogs of this era where Weber arranged elaborate scenes of grills, bountiful food, and a group of people in a real backyard setting, this one seems to have been done quickly and cheaply. The background is a large photographic image, there’s artificial grass below, a sad looking turkey on the grill, few accessories, and just two people gathered around the grill.

I love the clothes and hairdos! Hope you enjoy this blast from the past!




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Chris, just what is that woman wearing? She looks like she is getting ready to play a clown at a child's party. lol


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Groovy! Thanks for sharing.

To your point, it would be interesting to know the history behind that choice for the cover photo. I assume I'm seeing the canvas sprawled on the ground covering.


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Posted 10-20-20

Took you long enough. :LOL:

Re: the woman's clothes. I don't remember those from the 70's

But I do like the man's hair. His shirt, ok, color of the grill, yes!!!!!! ;)