1964 Weber Product Catalog


Bob Correll

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Thanks Lawrence, Ed, and Chris!

Interesting that they call the red ones Hunter pink.
My blue kettle is listed as the Imperial and called Glen blue.



Anthony. I'd love one of those too. Very cool. Somehow I don't think they would be allowed these days to advertise for an indoor bbq, what with all the health & safety stuff these days. I bet yer house insurance would be null & void if yer torched yer house!
Hell, I wanna know where these guys bought their shirts....uber-cool also!


Do we know who the two guys are that feature on all those early catalogues?
Looks like they were on the cover of all the catalogues from 1963-1979.

Chris Allingham

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Tony, it's my understanding that the gentleman most prominently featured on these covers is George Stephen himself, founder of Weber.

A few years ago I asked someone at Weber if they could identify the people on the 1973 cover. Besides George, the only one they could ID is Mike Kempster, Weber's current Chief Marketing Officer (farthest back in the photo). Not sure who the bald guy is. I assume some of the others are either employees or George's sons, some still active in the company today. He had 12 children, 6 boys and 6 girls.

Bob H.

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Chances of finding one may be slim, but it looks like it would not be too hard to make one from a "found" kettle and some andirons.
Where can I get one of those fireplace barbecues?! They look like a really bad accident waiting to happen...cool as hell.