1960 Weber Recipe Booklet


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1960 Weber Recipe Booklet


This 36 page booklet is titled, 'The "How" of Covered Barbeque Cooking with Tested Recipes That Never Fail'. It includes the following:
  • The advantages of covered cooking
  • How to select barbecue equipment
  • How to care for the Weber covered barbecue kettle
  • Direct vs. indirect methods and smoke flavoring
  • How to create an aluminum foil drip pan
  • Importance of purchasing good quality charcoal
  • How to start your fire
  • Lots of recipes
It originally sold for 50 cents. It does not show a copyright date, but according to a listing on Amazon.com, it's from 1960.

You can see this booklet advertised on page 3 of the 1963 Weber Product Catalog:


This booklet once belongs to a C. Zillich and contains handwritten notes on the inside front cover on how use a covered kettle and cooking times.

It's worth looking at just for the fun barbecue artwork throughout the booklet!

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