1958 Weber Product Catalog

Awesome! I guess I didn’t know the triangle pans were ever copper colored! Very cool
I never heard of a Rosin potato cooker but googling it seems it was pretty popular.
How about those 22" weighing in at 42 LBS! New ones now weight 33 LBS, a 21% loss in mass
I've never seen "The Suburbanite." Would love to get ahold of that bad boy
Mike's catalog has a name stamped on it that I recall fondly here in Chicagoland. Soukup's on York Road was an awesome Hardware and Appliances store in Elmhurst IL. Since it's the Holidays, I'll mention that their upstairs toy department was a magical place for kids.

Soukup's opened in 1920 at 116 N York Road and closed for good in 1998.


Other locations were opened throughout the suburbs, and were subsequently bought out or closed, with the final Soukup's store in Glen Ellyn closing in 2017.

Thanks Chris and Mike for sharing that old Weber catalog with that nostalgic old ink stamp.
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I haven't looked through all the old catalogs that you have available here (yet) - I wonder when the lawyers got involved and told them to STOP advertising that you could use these indoors?

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