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  1. Jon Tofte

    2nd Chance for a True Weber Classic: A 1998 1st Generation Summit 450

    This thread will probably die down and get revived as I try hard to carve out even a little time here and there to work on the 1st generation Summit I bought from @LMichaels. Yes, those of you who have been on TVWBB for some time probably know the problematic story behind this grill. While...
  2. V

    Can I rescue my 2006 Summit S-450?

    I have had this grill for most of its life, having acquired it for a few hundred dollars from a couple who decided they preferred charcoal. It's been an amazing grill. The infrared burner and rotisserie still work fine. Recently The flames were very uneven (some high yellow), so I carefully...
  3. K

    Summit 450 - Rehab

    Help!!! I just purchased a Summit 450 for $200. I thought I got a darn good deal! Until I took the cook box off the frame and I uncovered the back support almost completely rusted through. And the dang thing about it, is this is the only rust on the whole dang grill (minus the speed nuts on the...
  4. J

    Weber Summit Gold D4 Restoration

    Inspired by some recent threads, I am attempting to restore my personal Summit Gold D4. I originally purchased the grill from Weber in 2006. Two years ago I replaced the complete electronic ignition, flavorizer bars (OEM $$$) and burners. At that time, I noticed that the front of my firebox...
  5. A

    I purchased 2 Webers to restore or refurbish. Need advise.

    I purchased 2 Webers to restore or refurbish. Need advice. This is my first post, so bear with me. After spending $600 on a Broil King 3 years ago and putting it out on the trash recently, I decided I didn't want to spend that much on another throw away grill. I began searching the internet...
  6. S

    Weber Summit Platinum D6

    This past weekend I acquired a new to me Summit D6. This was from a good friend who moved and the house he moved to had a wolf built in. As you can see she needs some TLC. This week I purchased: burners, flavorizer, igniter, knobs, wheels, and a lot of degreaser. I also through my friend...