restored genesis skyline

  1. Jon Tofte

    A Tale of Two 2-Burners

    A while back I picked up the first half of my long-standing idea to create a custom Skyline 2-burner grill. It was the easier part, a pretty decent late Silver A with black knobs and trim. The cabinetry isn’t perfect, but it isn’t a rust bucket like many others I have seen. Then I was on the...
  2. Bruce

    Weber Skyline Restored

    I thought I would put up this restore thread on a Skyline I did a couple years ago. It was one of my favorite builds and I went all out with black knobs, black handles and even a Weber Rotisserie. I sold this to a guy about 4 hours away in another state and he was buying it for his hunting...
  3. C

    Starting My 2nd Restore: Skyline 1200 LP

    I originally went to pick up a Genesis Platinum, but the seller sold it as I was on the way. I ended up finding this beat up Skyline. After 20 minutes of Simple Green and some #0000 steel wool, things are looking promising. I may have an extra shelf from my previous restore, so might look up...
  4. Jon Tofte

    At VERY long, long last...My Skyline Dream is a reality!

    As one of the charter members of our unofficial "Skyline Club" I am pathetically behind in having my own entry completed. Working a job plus two part-time endeavors plus family dynamics makes it hard for me to set aside the kind of time that serious grill restoration seems to take. Plus, those...
  5. Bruce

    Bruce's First Skyline Rebuild - Before & After

    OK, I promised photos, here you go. Before and after. The grill is not 100% stock. You will notice several changes. Some subtle, some not so subtle.
  6. Rich Dahl

    My Holy Grail Has Been Found.

    Our pup Abby got me up at 5am so the newspaper wasn’t here yet. I got my tablet and started looking at the forum. Then decided to check out Craig’s List for Weber’s in hopes of finding my elusive Skyline. Checked up here in the Prescott area…Nope. Checked Phoenix and BINGO! There is a Skyline in...
  7. Jon Tofte

    Skyline starting to come together!

    I know, "How long does it take to finish just ONE grill?!!!" Well, in the case of my Skyline "Chicago" dream grill, apparently pretty long:(... However, I HAVE been busy, and my long dreamed of grill is starting to look like something: In my last post about this grill, I showed that I had...
  8. Jon Tofte

    A little less talk, just a little more action...Skyline grill making some progress.

    Well, I know I have gabbed excessively about my dream Skyline “Chicago” grill. Mostly it has been a phantom in my imagination and some hoarded parts. Yesterday I finally started on the frame and at least there is the beginning of an actual grill: I bought a brand new classic wheel for the...
  9. Xavier G

    That feeling when you know what is about to happen next will be amazing....

    Hi Everyone I have loved grilling since forever, and all through school I grilled maybe 4 days a week. There was even a month when I didn't have hot water (late payment!), but I could not would not be without propane in the grill. Since I was young and ignorant, I thought I was fine with the...