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    Do you have the LED light "Grill n Go" for Q series?

    Hi, I have a Q 3200. I'm having a hard time finding a handle LED light for this grill. Weber offers the model 7661 which is a nice product but its for round handles. There is a model 7663 that is spedific to Q series but seem its available only in Australia region. Did you happen to find this...
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    Wooden handle and side table for a Spirit 500

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum and am looking to do a little restoration job on my Spirit 500 redhead. I have found sources for all the parts I'm looking for aside from the wooden handle and side table. The plastic on it right now is quite ugly so I'd rather upgrade to wood instead of replacing...
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    Weber Genesis A — lid handle bolts

    I am trying to restore old Weber Genesis Silver A grill. There is only one bolt left on lid handle. Any ideas where can I get matching bolts with flat heads? I found a couple websites that ofers handle hardware kit for $6-7, but shiiping costs are more than part itself. Can I found matching...