1. Michael C.

    Mahi Mahi

    Hi everybody, it's been awhile since I posted anything, we had a very wet winter this year, but our lakes are completely full now. I found a nice looking Mahi Mahi fish fillet at the store, bought it, sprinkled some Raichien rub on it, and cooked it directly over some coals. Took about 14...
  2. Bruce

    Smoking fish on a Genesis

    I thought about posting this in the WSM section, but that seems to be for WSM smokers specifically. I have never smoked anything before. But, I have always wanted to. I just never got around to doing it. Now, I have a Genesis 1000 in my garage that was a curb pickup and will be repaired and...
  3. Michael C.

    Caught 17 trout!

    The fish were biting this morning! Me and my girl got up 6:00am and went fishing at Jess Ranch Lakes in Apple Valley, CA. Jess ranch is a trout fish hatchery that stocks many county lakes, they also offer several lakes to fish on. It's great tasting trout! We spent 3 1/2 hrs or so, catching...
  4. Michael C.

    Caught some Huge trout!!!!

    I did some fishing over the weekend at Jess Ranch Lakes in Apple Valley, CA., about 30 or so miles from my house. Using rainbow powerbait only, I was able to land 4 good size trout!!! I took them home, filleted them, seasoned with garlic power, onion power, and garlic pepper the two largest...
  5. Michael C.

    Weekend's catch-Sculpin fish!

    Hi Everybody, I wanted to share what I caught at the ocean on Sunday! I booked a morning 1/2 day (6 hrs) fishing trip out of Newport beach, CA. using . Great crew, we found fish, and they were biting!!! I ended up with some nice Sculpin fish as other anglers were...
  6. Michael C.

    Kona Coast Peach smoked Sockeye salmon

    I found some nice fillets of sockeye salmon at the store today, I could not resist buying them. Marinated in Kona coast teriyaki marinated as I got the grill going. I used peach wood for smoked. Fish on for 15 minutes, they were perfectly cooked. Flavor was great, with the right amount of peach...
  7. JSchlegelmilch

    Salmon and Leftovers

    Made up some fish for the wife and daughter and some leftover lamb grilled yesterday for me! Here is how it went. Forgot to take a pic of the lamb plated. Made an awesome sandwich on pita with hummus and the Greek salad. Thanks for looking! -Jeff
  8. Michael C.

    I caught some nice trout today!!!!!

    It was a great fishing day today! I caught some nice trout, at Jess Ranch Lakes, in Apple Valley, CA. The fish were biting pretty good today, I used Power bait, to land my fish. I decided to grill up three of them today. The rest are in the freezer, for a later day. I'm using lump charcoal, it...
  9. Michael C.

    Holy Mackerel! Lots of Alder smoked fish here!!!!!

    A good friend of mine from work, went to the store over the weekend, he picked up a variety of fish, to smoke, using alder wood. Salmon, Mackerel, and some Milk fish. Brined 24 hrs, using a brine mix from Bass Pro Shop. Used Mesquite lump charcoal for fuel, alder wood chips, for the smoke. Took...