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Thread: Color Blind glasses

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    Bruce, Buy quality and buy once. Again, this is only my opinion, but these are your eyes and the way you will view the world.
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    Think I'd check with my optometrist. Seems if anyone would know the skinny, they would.

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    Amazon has a very liberal return policy that always favors the buyers, according to a friend/manufacturer/seller there. He says his chips can be damaged by improper installation, the packaging doesn't even have to be with the product, they always take it back. Not saying anyone should abuse the policy, just be careful and a return should be possible if the glasses are available there.

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    MikaelB: That was a good article and I have read similar ones on the web.
    Kelly: I believe they already have a 60 day full refund policy on them with the companies themselves. So, yah, that might be enough to get me to try them out and if they don't do anything or not enough, then yah, I can just send them back for a refund.

    I was hoping some one here would have personally tried them since about 8% of the male population has colorblindness.
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