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Thread: Weber Pellet Grill

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    I don't have a WSM, but I do have a Big Green Egg (large which is really kind of small - about the size of a Weber 18" kettle). I like it, and it does do a good job of holding temperatures. It has made the best pork shoulder I have been able to do. I don't have any fan gizmo but I do have the Thermoworks Smoke, so monitoring temperatures in my house is nice.

    Real fire is real BBQ, but my Rec Tec does what I would still call real BBQ as well. I still find it a lot easier to use. Also, the enormous grill space compared to my Green Egg gives the Rec Tec Bull another huge boost. It can do a pretty impressive amount of food at one time.

    Like I said, won't ever part with my kettles or gas grills, although I do use my Green Egg a lot less now. I see a pellet grill as a cool new weapon for the arsenal, not a replacement.
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    Quote Originally Posted by J Grotz View Post
    I am jealous of folks whose WSMs work perfectly straight out of the box and puzzled why those folks don't understand that many of us aren't so lucky.
    Sorry, I didn't mean to sound belittling to anyone.
    I'll change that to being puzzled why quality built smokers perform differently for different users.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Correll View Post
    I'll change that to being puzzled why "quality built" smokers perform differently for different users.
    I owe you an apology too; I'm sorry, my response was way too snarky.

    I think it is mainly the 22.5" models that have the issues. That center section is just so big and flimsy that producing it in large quantities to a fine tolerance (in terms of roundness, door fit, and surviving shipment) must be very challenging for Weber. I have an original 22.5" with the huge rectangular door opening. Since I modded it in June, there have been no runaway temps and charcoal usage is way down. I made trip tip this weekend using just left over coals; I never had any left over coals before the gaskets because it leaked so bad even with the vents closed. I have used it more times this summer than the past four years combined because it is such a pleasure to use now. For anyone frustrated with temp swings in their WSM, I cannot recommend gaskets and an ATC highly enough.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Correll View Post
    My stock, bare bones, WSM's have always ran steady after a minor vent adjustment or two at the beginning of the cook.
    Case in point, on Monday I cooked a small butt on the 14.5, adjusted the bottom vents once, she locked in at 250, the temp I wanted, for the entire cook using KBB.
    I'm always puzzled with why some folks have so much trouble getting steady temperatures.
    Bob, I've tried and failed trying to get my 18.5 locked in, maybe because we are at 5600 feet but it just gets crazy, especially in the winter. As I've stated before when it works the WSM is the best, but with my meds when I get cold it takes me hours to warm up. In the summer I enjoy it, but not so much anymore in the winter when I really like to use it the most. Time to move on.
    Hopefully it will be a Weber and good chow will be here again without the hassles I'm experiencing now.
    For those of you that your WSM works well, I wish you the best.
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