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Thread: Greetings from Palm Beach Cnty, FL previous of Boston

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    Red face Greetings from Palm Beach Cnty, FL previous of Boston

    I have been reading this forum for over two weeks and thanks to all of you for your contributions.

    I am in my first year of retirement and moved to my native town last year. It was step 1 of the big retire. Then I traveled for months and am now settled for a while. Doing all the things I felt I never had time to do. I was always a weekend smoker and griller on a 5 burner propane gas grill that lasted me for a full 15 yrs., and a 8 yr old Masterbuilt smoker. Good enough. First purchase in my new home was a Traeger Pro Series 34 Wood Pellet Grill. Wrong. I am finding it to be waaaay too much work.

    So last week, I bought the Weber Kettle Performer (the copper one). And so the journey begins. I bought it to be able to grill and barbecue with wood chunks. I really want to do Argentinian style grilling and plan on purchasing the Gabby Grilling accessory. I have bought all kinds of chunks. Need a recommendation on fire starter. The little white cube thingies crumble too much. Makes me nervous that it will fall in the wrong place.

    I'll admit, I don't know what I am doing. But I have spent a lot of $$$ doing it. My first build was up and running and then died on me. So, I going back to basics. Been using lump charcoal. Tomorrow, I going all in with chunks and a few pieces of the lump in my starter thing. Accessories purchased: cast iron grate, cast iron grate which goes into the middle; vegetable/chicken thing; Vortex thing; thermometer. Style so far: charcoal baskets on side. Guidance: YouTube is my visual teacher.
    Side note: It seems like everything that I have cooked so far is smoked. I hate the smell of smoked food. Spent days getting it out of my kitchen. Planned purchases: warming cooking rack, rotisserie attachment

    I am determined to grill and bbq as my #1 cooking preference. I just need to figure out how to make this thing work for me.

    Advice needed and appreciated.

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    Welcome B! Enjoy your new Weber, and retirement.

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    You're in the right place, welcome and enjoy!

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    Welcome aboard BJaye. Feel free to ask questions. If you're going to be cooking with wood I don't see how you can avoid the smoke flavor. It's not a problem with gas but I use charcoal with a few wood chunks to get the smoke flavor.
    Old dog, learning new tricks - one cook at a time :-). -14.5" and 18.5" WSM, SS Performer, CB Rotisserie, Camp Chef Smokepro DLX (Modified) Pellet Grill

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