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Thread: Flame Boss 500 vs. BBQ Guru Cyber Cloud

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    Quote Originally Posted by MartinB View Post
    You can buy everything assembled , for very fair prices.
    Bryan will put together heatermeter for you....assembled, tested, in case for small premium...well worth it imo.

    Blower/damper from wbegg is as cheap as you could construct yourself. Maybe be cheaper.

    Being 3d printed, its not as slick looking as commercially available. But nothing will outperform it that i know of

    It seems intimidating.....its not really....theres just a little reading/understanding that you have to do. Mostly to flash latest firmware, and open port in your home firewall for internet acess if want that.

    I'm not trying to slight anybody, Other people will provide files and parts for their dampers but I don't know that anybody else provides an assembled damper/ blower at essentially their cost.
    Thanks for all of the info MartinB. This seems like a great way to get a custom system at a low cost. I will definitely look into it more.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Hall View Post
    Thanks for all of the info MartinB. This seems like a great way to get a custom system at a low cost. I will definitely look into it more.
    Id encourage that.

    I started by looking at cheapest controllers, frustrated by tending overnight cooks.

    I too discounted heatermeter at first due to build it yourself. I wanted simple plug and play device.

    But eventually i ended up wanting wifi ability. Got hollered at by wife tracking mud all over floor with frequent trips out to adjust in wet winter confitions.

    One leading brands worked thru their internet website, and overloaded on holidays, preventing people from cooking! Unbelievable...second yr in row too. They promised fixes...that hadnt come months i went with heatermeter. Very happy i did. Bought pre-assembled, tested heatermeter and blower/damper.

    What i learned is....its a tool, takes a bit of practice and effort to get best results. Several people spent years developing blower/damper assemblies , and the necessary software with variables to manipulate to give excellent control....+/- 1 f control for hours. Maybe 0.5 F. Large community that supports and keeps improving it too.

    Commercial units....honestly, vary a lot by comparison, and dont have near the features. I suspect i eould have been frustrayed by level of performance received after spending $300 on them. From first hand experience, i know you have to be able to make adjustments for different rates of fuel burning, if you want decent control. Ive run down to 125F , and as high as 365.

    It ended up more than i had anticipated spending. But it makes cooking so ez....not much harder than oven. Maybe that takes something away from bbq for some, for means i use it all the time
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