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Thread: Best way to reheat vac'd RIBS ?

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    If you have a vacuum sealer, then there is a good chance you might be a kitchen gadget addict. Both my DW and I are addicts. There is no one to say no in our relationship when one suggests getting a new gadget.

    Get a sous vide circulator. Just do it. Buy the top rated Joule. Get an Anova on sale on Amazon. It doesn't matter, just get one. You don't need fancy cambro containers; just use your existing pots or a cooler. The circulator takes up almost no space in a drawer, so it's always handy. Over cooking vac sealed leftovers will be a thing of the past. Fill a pot with water, clamp the circulator to it, plug it in, set it for whatever temp you want, and drop in the bag. I re-heated a trip tip at 130; it was as good as the day it came off the smoker. Ribs, brisket, pulled pork all warm up perfectly with sous vide and never overcook. And make Douglas Baldwin's website a favorite on all your devices; he has detailed tables for how long it takes to bring any food item to temp from fridge or freezer; or just buy his book.
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    Sous Vide circulator is the best way I have found to reheat bbq. Works great.
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    Good strategies guys. I did under-cook em, vac em & freeze em.
    step1: defrost
    step 2: foil em
    45 min at 350
    unfoil & glaze
    grill direct @ 350

    the ribs leaned heavily towards a crowd pleasing 'fall off the bone' texture (or lack there of)
    Almost no one ate more than a few bites of pulled pork. The ribs got all the attention.
    Pleased with this strategy.
    Thanks for the input.
    Peach Kissed Q

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