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Thread: Prepping Frame for Painting

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    Prepping Frame for Painting

    Starting the restoration of Weber Genesis Silver B this weekend and decided to do it right and repaint the Frame. I plan on grinding any rust and treating with VHT before painting, but couldnít find a good guide on the best way to paint. Iím using the Rustoleum High Temp Ultra Paint.

    Do I need to sand down the entire frame? Is primer necessary? How long to let the paint cure before re-assembly?

    Thanks for any help!

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    Grind any rust, prime any bare metal and prep it with a good solvent. I use either rubbing alcohol or Xylol. Let it dry for an hour or so before painting and go for it. I use the Rusto High Heat ultra around the top where the cook box is, but I us the Rusto 2x gloss black everywhere else. You can use the high heat all over, but it is more expensive and not quite as shiny. No need to strip the whole fact, I don't recommend that.
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