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Thread: 22.5 lid out of round

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    22.5 lid out of round

    I was able to grab a one touch kettle with cart and destroyed table. Which Iíll redo with wood.

    It was snow damaged and the lid is out of round.

    Is there an easy way to reform?

    Sorry havenít gotten around to the odd side tables kettle I picked up last year. If you remember.

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    Try a ratchet strap. Put the business end over a piece of 1" x 4" on the high spot.
    I did that on my WSM and got it back into shape.

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    I actually made a lever tool to do that. Cut two pieces of wood to fit the curve of the lid. Than attach a lever set up that spreads out as you pull on the lever. Easy to make. Kind of like two pieces of wood. One longer than the other. Connect them midway. Thats your pivot point. Now as you pull down the longer piece it causes the wood levers to spread. You can easily make a lid round again easily.

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