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Thread: Another stray followed me home

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    Another stray followed me home

    Well. I know I said I would not be picking up more until I get through some of the ones I already have. But this happened.

    Another stray

    I saw it listed for about a week but I had no interest in natural gas. I have no way to even test to see if it works.

    But since the price was right and it had other parts on it, plus the maroon Hood I grabbed it.

    Unfortunately by the time I got there someone had already snagged one of the durawood shelves because it was on the curb just waiting for someone to pick up the whole thing. I really don't know why someone would take one shelf but they did.

    Onto the lid. I have a black one with fade so I figured at least I could repurpose the lid also.

    But when I got home and started a closer inspection I found this


    You can see the screws go through the porcelain and someone's attempt to fix the cracked side.

    On another note, I now have a natural gas manifold if anybody is looking for one.

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    Sounds like time to take the endcaps off your black lid. Should cover the screw holes so you end up with the maroon hood. Unless you are right on the coast with salt air, the holes shouldn't be a rust issue.
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    Too bad about the problems on that grill. YOu should be able to find a replacement end cap pretty easily unless you can just swap over the ones from your black lid. Hang onto the NG manifold. Someone will be asking for one soon enough.
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