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Thread: What's the price for chicken wings in your area?

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    Thanks for taking the time to school us Len, it's truly appreciated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Len Dennis View Post
    easy peasy----> FOR EXAMPLE:

    price is $4/lb and you get 3 lb so the wings AND tips cost is $12

    cut the tips off and weigh the wings again--> say FOR EXAMPLE, the tipless wings now weigh 2.5 lb. but you payed $12

    Price of your wings is now $12 / 2.5lb = $4.80/lb not the $4 you originally paid. Wastage ~ 17%. Your milage may vary I do not know what that wastage % is so don't use 17/20% as your guide.

    This GUESSTIMATE % would be fairly consistent but figure 20% for round figures. SO, if you want 5 lb, you need (5 x 1.2) or ~ 6 lb of tipped wings to get that 5 lb desired amount.

    REMEMBER this is just an example of weight loss. You'd need to do the actual calc to find out what that waste % is in real life.

    Use the tips to make broth along with the bones if you are so inclined. Lot of fat but that would be skimmed off in any case.
    Truth, but I'm a lazy skimmer. I'll wait til the next day and scrape off the solid fat. Thanks for the info! I took math in college all the way up through differential equations and then get scared of a simple percentage calculation!
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    Next day skimming makes a lot more sense than anything else, doing it “hot” is way more difficult than the cold “after the hangover” method!
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