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Thread: Thermometer help

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    Aug 2019

    Thermometer help

    I just bought a 18. Looking for a good thermometer with 3 or 4 probes. Just donít want to break the bank. Thank you

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    New Member Mark Foreman's Avatar
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    I use the Weber igrill2. Works well, has a phone app. Unit with 2 extra probes was $100 at Amazon.
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    So, first off lets talk about the bank. This is an item that you should not skimp too much on. You need to be able to trust is rain or shine; having a failure halfway through an overnight cook might not be a good thing. I did a lot of research and went through one return before I got what I wanted.

    If you live anywhere that has rain (most people do) then be sure the unit is 100% waterproof. It amazed me how many of these were not. Crazy to be halfway through a cook, have a downpour, and lose your unit until it dries out. I first bought the Soraken but returned it after the display went blank from sitting in the sun for about an hour. I guess the cheap LCD couldn't handle the heat. By the way; it is not waterproof. That was the second reason I returned it...I realized my mistake.

    I now have the Inkbird IRF-4s and am quite satisfied with it. Works well, has great range, and is waterproof. 2 Probe unit is $60 and 4 probe is $75 on Amazon. Fully waterproof and the battery life is amazing. I've done at least 4 cooks since I got it; probably 20-24 hours of use and the battery levels are still over 50% from the first charge. Customer service is also great; my "oven" probe (the blunt tip one) failed after the first 3 uses (another good reason to have some extras) and they responded within 24 hours promptly shipping me a new one.
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    Take a look at what Thermoworks has to offer.
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