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Thread: CyberQ Wifi or something else...

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    CyberQ Wifi or something else...

    I've been using a Pitmaster IQ 110 on my 18.5 WSM along with two Maverick ET-732's. I've had great success with the setup, but it's a pain to run multiple devices.

    Now that I have the 22.5, I'd like an all in one unit. The ability to control temp, monitor the pit temp, and 3 or more food probes would be great. Is there a better option that the CyberQ Wifi?

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    May I politely suggest that you go up & over 1 subforum to the HeaterMeter gang....

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    I have the cyberq wifi with my 22 and like it but the notifications don't work. I really want a controller that can text or email at a set temp. I have been looking into the fireboard controller recently. Lots of times i will do 6 pork butts at a time and the fireboard can handle it. I don't know anyone that has one to find out how it is with actual use.

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