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Thread: Shout-Out Today to Jim Lampe & His Smoke Day Celebration!

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    Shout-Out Today to Jim Lampe & His Smoke Day Celebration!

    Click to view the video.

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    I hope it was an impossibly perfect day for your family and friends, Jim!

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    Thank you Chris and Fletch...
    Unfortunately, the weather in Wisconsin played a part in this year's celebration.
    Severe storms and tornados kept many friends and family from northern and central Wisconsin away, dealing with power outages flooded basements, trees uprooted and powerlines down.

    The expected crowd of 49 dwindled to 34.
    Here also, we took cover from the heavy rains that cut thru the area...
    However, there was plenty of ribs, brisket and sides for everyone (with lots leftover)

    Chris, you have us confused with TVWBB member Jim Pfeiffer
    and his wife Bobbi from
    Pewaukee, Wisconsin.
    Bobbi is the PIE QUEEN.

    I will post photos of yesterday's events later today.

    Thanks again, Chris, for the shout out.
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    First, glad to here you were able to pull it off with the lousy weather. I'm sure with your many talents it was a great feast. Sorry to hear some friends and family were pinned down due to storm damage, scary weather everywhere.

    We finally did our smoke day brisket last week due to the high winds here.

    Looking forward to seeing the pics.
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