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Thread: Billows...this should be interesting

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    Yes, many competition teams using a WSM also uses a temp control device with fan in order to get some sleep.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Timothy F. Lewis View Post
    I will wait and see!
    Bellows might have been a better name though?
    Billows connotes extreme quantities of smoke.
    Nightcap required!
    Likely a trademark issue. Either somebody already owns it or it's too generic. (Ex-ad agency owner -- been down that road a lot.)

    There's more than one way to skin a cat, but either way the cat's not gonna like it much.

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    whish they made it compatible with the smoke.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JimZ View Post
    whish they made it compatible with the smoke.
    Right with you Jim. I told myself no matter how much I love gadgets I don't think I need a temp controller on a charcoal grill, but for $60 I might have been convinced. Almost $300 is a definite no-go.

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    Too many wires ( I'd probably trip over them with a plate of food)

    Different smokes for different folks. Wish the Dollar Store sold gas!

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    I’m seeing another (not, necessarily BETTER) mousetrap, if you need a $200 dollar unit to “Speak” to the fan, it has become something I can clearly do without.
    Make it SIMPLE! This is, the more I look at it a serious reach into pockets and, I am saddened by that.
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    In my area of the world, competition pitmasters spend on the average of $750 to $1000 PER CONTEST for each and every contest they compete at in an attempt to win back some of that money. A ONE TIME outlay of a mere $200 or $300 is a drop in bucket. (Note : in that first picture, it wouldn't surprise me that you're looking at $800 of ATC equipment !) These pitmasters use any available means to produce the BEST BBQ in the world.

    I'm saddened to see attempts to put down those that do use viable processes, methods, and equipment simply because a lack of understanding of what is at stake.

    I have a close friend who is the head pitmaster of Pro BBQ team. While he has won multiple Grand Championshipos, at one KCBS competition 3 years ago, he won the Grand Champion title AND a $50,000 CAR !!!!
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    The mousetrap doesn’t necessarily have to be better, it just has to appeal to a particular market. If someone were already planning on purchasing (or had already purchased) the Signals head unit, then this would be a great (and economical) way to have a temp control unit for their grill or smoker. If it’s not for you, fine; you’re obviously not the market they were after. But for someone that’s about to purchase a digital thermometer, for around $70+/- that would make a pretty temping package deal.
    Just my thoughts,
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    Definitely a cool idea but at $200+ not in my budget as the needs are just not there for me. Just did a low and high Costco prime brisket. Total time 6 1/2 hours no need for an ATC, came out melt in your mouth perfect. Me and my trusty Maverick made it happen.
    Very interested in what Chris thinks of it.
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    No argument that a simple remote read thermometer helps immensely, you will always have an idea of just what your food is doing. Quite a few years ago, well before I started down the road of madness that is smoking food, I'd already started cooking proteins to temperature rather than depending on time. I had 2 devices (from Polder) for both temperature and timing, and I've just acquired more and more.

    An ATC allows you to dial in your cooking environment and maintain it. Even with the smoker I have now that will hold temps nicely with nothing other than a controlled air input to the firebox, an ATC gives me a huge amount of control that I just would not have otherwise. Anything that I can make repeatable in my process removes uncertainty, and lets me focus on what does change, i.e. the food. I also understand that not everyone wants, desires, or needs this level of control.

    I don't see that Billows was ever intended as a standalone product, it only works connected to a Signals head. If you have or want the functionality of a Signals device, the Billows might be a worthwhile option. If all you want is a fan, there are better ways to achieve that.

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