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Thread: Big Green Egg XL and Heatermeter 4.3

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    Big Green Egg XL and Heatermeter 4.3

    Is any one using a heatermeter on a Big Green Egg XL? I bought the HM 4.3 kit for the raspberry pi, but I think the fan is too small for the size of the egg. Any one have thoughts on this?


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    My general thoughts mainly on reading a bunch through all of the forum history is any kamado grill you will be more than fine. Bigger offset smokers probably more of a concern. Again, no XL direct experience here though.

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    Yeah I run a Large Big Green Egg and the size of the blower is overkill. I can run fan-only up to 350F and control temps up to 600F just by cracking the bottom vent a little extra. Maintaining 225F, I often don't use any fan at all (except startup and some temperature dips). An XL is 75% bigger in area, but if the standard fan isn't sufficient to maintain temperature, it should be close enough to use just by cracking the bottom vent a little. If startup is just taking too long, I speed things up by opening the top vent all the way until I pass 200F so you could do something similar. Once it is running it doesn't take much air to maintain.
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