This weekend, the weather in E. TN was fabulous. Let me say that louder FABULOUS!

Friday, I grilled 9 boneless pork chops from Costco. Cook went very smoothly. Only one chop was too pink. It is not easy to get 9 to come off the grill at the same time and perfectly cooked. I considered that a success.

Saturday I grilled a beef tender. "Medium" they pleaded. My heart sank. Medium rare ? No MEDIUM!
I had considered cutting the tail and the side muscle off to cook separately but the community wisdom was oh no cook whole.
Anyway Medium they got-just a little pink. They were happy. So, I was happy but disappointed there was no medium rare.
Next time I'll do the tender differently, perhaps I'll use some butchers string to tie the small stuff together.

One has to earn some cred to do as you please....lesson learned.